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Professional stock charts. Shows Franklin Oscillator, our unique Technical Indicator. Click next.
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Support / Resistance, Buy / Sell, Stop loss and Hold levels marked on chart & in the rightside box.
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% gain or loss over a period can be read using the cross hair tool. Shows Heikin-Ashi charts.
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Draw anything anywhere on chart. Shows OHLC price charts. Volume axis to the left.
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Multiple indicators can be selected. Change color to your liking.
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Track multiple stocks, like during intraday. The charts will auto-refresh.
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Track your investments using portfolio management tools. You can export this table.
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Percentage gain or loss of your investments over time can be seen as a chart.
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EOD scanner creates a buy and sell list. It will rank all the stocks from best to worst.
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Intraday scanner runs automatically at specified intervals and creates a buy and sell list.
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EOD and Intraday data from exchanges of 26 countries supported by Yahoo Finance is available.
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Data stored locally in Metastock format or CSV / TXT format can be imported.
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Any custom developed technical indicator can be imported and plotted in StockwarePro.
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Data converter. Converts entire CSV files in a folder to Metastock format files.
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Inbuilt RSS newsreader that delivers latest news.

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