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StockwarePro can be downloaded in two versions, Lite and Pro. Pro also comes in two versions, Basic and Advanced. A mobile version is available for android phones and tablets. You can compare the different versions below. There are a few other tools we offer like StockwareLite and StockwareLive. Please scroll down to see more.

Stockwarepro requires internet connection for license activation, so please ensure that your firewall and antivirus is setup properly. If you need assistance in installing and configuring StockwarePro, please contact us. Download file size is 3.5MB.



Version 2.1.0
Jan 08, 2019


Version 4.3.0
Dec 20, 2019


Dec 08, 2018

Basic Advanced Mobile
Limitations The Lite version is licensed for non-commercial use only. The Pro version is available as fully-functional 10-day trial version for both business and personal use. Free. No time limit Free trial Free trial Free trial
Data Feed The Lite version has access to End-of-Day data only. Pro version receives data for both EOD and Intraday. Data is free for exchanges supported by Yahoo Finance for back testing. EOD only
Stock price charts The Lite version supports only data from Yahoo Finance and receives only EOD data. Pro version supports real-time intraday data also. Line charts Linecharts
Technical analysis charts Lite version has a limited number of technical indicators. Limited
Franklin Oscillator Franklin oscillator is an unique technical indicator available only is StockwarePro. This indicator is very popular with our users and is available in Lite and Pro versions. Trend reversal markers are available only in Pro version.
Portfolio tracking tools Your portfolio of stocks can be managed and tracked using tables and charts. Auto refresh of tables and charts are available only in Pro version.
Stock news reader Both Lite and Pro versions support an inbuilt RSS news reader for stock news. The news channels can be customized to the channels of your choice.  
Stock screener with buy and sell signals StockwarePro has an automated stock filtering tool that scans the entire stocklist and creates a buylist and selllist for both EOD and intraday.  
Rank stocks based on its performance The entire list of stocks can be ranked from best to worst, color coded so that you know which one to hold, which one to buy or sell or which stocks to stay away from.    
Support for real-time intraday data Lite version does not support intraday data and hence is not suitable for day traders. Pro version supports real-time data for all time intervals.  
Auto refresh of charts and tables with latest data Lite version does not support auto-refresh of any charts or tables. Pro version tracks and auto refreshes all charts and tables with the latest data in 30 second or customizable interval.    
Buy, stop loss and hold levels for short term and intraday Simulate future stock prices to predict short term and live intraday buy, stop loss and hold levels for all stocks.    
Support for equity, F&O, currency and commodity Lite version supports only EOD data for exchanges supported by Yahoo. Pro supports data for all segments of any exchange in Metastock or CSV format.   equity 
Customize charts and timer setting Pro version allows customization of the chart layout and technical indicators. Auto refresh rates for charts and tables can be changed in Pro.    
Training and phone support StockwarePro customers will get online and phone support from the support team upon request.    
Candlestick charts, OHLC & Heikin Ashi charts Lite and Basic has only line charts. StockwarePro advanced has all the charting features required by advanced users.      
Support, Resistance, Buy & Sell levels marked on chart StockwarePro advanced provides easily visible color coded arrow shaped markers for both daily and intraday charts.      
Back testing of trading strategy. Test and verify the trade predictions given by the software for any past date. Target levels, buy, resistance and stop loss levels are estimated with good accuracy.      
More technical indicators available Average Directional Index ADX, Ichimoku cloud, Average True Range, ATR Trailing stop, Bollinger bands are some of the additional indicators available.      
Supports ASCII data files in CSV or TXT format  Import and chart ASCII EOD and intraday data stored locally in your PC with auto-refresh.      
Attractive and sophisticated stock charts Has easily zoomable scrollable charts, multiple indicators, trend lines, percentage axis and facility to draw anything on the charts.      
Compare stocks on a percentage scale Stock prices of several stocks can be plotted on the same % axis or can be plotted side by side for easy comparison.      
Plot your custom-built indicator Create a technical indicator of your own and import that data into StockwarePro as a csv file and plot and test it with other indicators.      
ASCII format to Metastock format file converter Convert all End-of-Day and Intraday data files in a folder in CSV or TXT format to Metastock data format.      
# Advanced requires Internet Explorer browser 11.0 or above.  With IE 8.0, Advanced mode will switch to Basic.
# Supports Windows 7 SP2, Windows 8/8.1/10
# Requires Microsoft framework 4.6 or above.
# Mobile requires android 8.0 or above.

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I am very much impressed with your trading software. In fact I was looking for this type of software only all these days. Finally I got it. Thank you for the wonderful software.
M V Tharmmarajhan
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Recommended for Intraday Traders - StockwareLive

Charting and Stock Analysis software that gives Live Buy/Sell/Hold Signals

StockwareLive is a software developed specifically for intraday traders. It displays intraday price charts side by side in full screen mode, that auto refreshes with the latest data. It will also plot any technical indicator of your choice. It includes Franklin Oscillator, the proprietary indicator of StockwarePro. Live buy, sell and hold signals based on Franklin oscillator will be displayed using icons and green or red line borders around the charts. You can load live data stored in your computer or fetch data from Yahoo. It is the best tool for side-by-side monitoring of your favorite stocks. Track market movements with the help of reliable indicators and make profitable intraday calls. It includes live data for all CNX Nifty stocks. Latest version is v3.3, released 15th Jan 2020. Download file size is about 1.6MB

This software is perfect for mid term to long term investors and the cost of the package is reasonable and is value for money.
Harendra Kunder
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Free Stock Market Software for Technical Analysis and Portfolio Management

StockwareLite is a free stock market technical analysis and portfolio management software. It has unique technical analysis and portfolio management tools to reliably predict and track market movements. It is simple and easy to use and is quite accurate.

It has a unique technical indicator called Franklin Oscillator. It moves in a wave like pattern and does not fluctuate too often and hence gives clear buy and sell signals. StockwareLite is suitable for short or long term investors but has limited features compared to StockwarePro. Investors who like to investigate the powers of technical trading, but do not have much or any experience in this field will find it useful.

Data is supplied by Yahoo and it is free.  Portfolio and watch-list can be created to keep track of your investments. The value of each stock and the total corpus can be viewed in tables and charts. An inbuilt news reader is available that will stream live stock and financial news from news sites that offer RSS news feeds. Latest version is v2.1 and download file is 1.2MB.