Payment Help

How long is this license valid?

It is valid for the period for which the license is purchased. A few days before expiry, you will receive an email. You can choose to auto-renew the license or cancel it online. You can also inform us at anytime if you wish to discontinue subscription.

It is a single user, single PC license. Active subscriptions will be eligible for free upgrade to latest version of the purchased software.

Is this a subscription?

Yes. Monthly, half-yearly and yearly subscriptions are available.

How is data supplied?

Free EOD and Intraday data from Yahoo is available as default. Any data stored locally in your PC in Metastock format or CSV or TXT format can be imported into StockwarePro.

What modes of payment are available?

You can make payment using credit card, debit card, Paypal, cash or bank transfer. If you wish to pay using purchase order, please contact us.

How to make payment using debit card?

To pay using debit card, enter the card details just as a credit card in the next page.

How to make payment using bank transfer?

Bank details can be provided upon request. Please contact us.

What happens after payment is complete?

First you will receive an order email from Fastspring, the payment processor. Then you will receive an email from StockwarePro with the license key. Please give a couple of hours to process your request. Download and install the software. Use that key in the activation form that appears when you open the software to activate your copy online.

Purchase StockwarePro

Please purchase the license if you wish to use StockwarePro beyond the trial period. With effective use of StockwarePro, you could recover this amount in the first trade itself. Please check payment help for details.

Credit Card / Debit Card / Paypal / Bank Transfer Payment is processed though Fastspring, our secure payment processor. All credit cards are accepted. They allow auto renewal of subscriptions. Relevant taxes extra.
You will receive an order email from them after payment and a seperate email from us with the license serial key. Please allow a couple of hours to setup and email your license.Please make a selection and click the buy button.
Intraday and EOD data for stocks is included with each subscription.
With 1 year subscription, you also receive StockwareLive software free.
Subscription One month Six Months One year
Data Free EOD and Intraday Yahoo data for equity is included with each subscription.
Need help? Please use the contact form or whatsapp or call us at our number (0091)-9995088012

Purchase StockwareLive

StockwareLive is a software developed specifically for intraday traders. It displays intraday price charts and technical indicators side by side for several stocks, that auto refreshes with the latest data. Live buy, sell and hold signals based on Franklin oscillator will be displayed . It is the best tool for side-by-side monitoring of your favorite stocks. Track market movements with the help of reliable indicators and make profitable intraday calls. Purchase License

Datalink Data Services

StockwarePro is an authorized partner for Thomson Reuters Datalink Data services. DataLink data services offer end of day data for all regions. This includes equities, indices, foreign exchange (FOREX), commodities, and derivatives. This data can then be imported into StockwarePro and several other charting platforms. Our Code is stockwarepro2m. Follow the link to avail 2 months of datalink data free when you register.