Uninstalling StockwarePro

Please follow these instructions to uninstall StockwarePro or StockwareLite from your PC.

If you wish to remove StockwarePro from your PC, you can do that in a few easy steps.

If you have purchased and installed StockwarePro license, uninstalling the software will delete the license also. If you are trying to upgrade to a latest version of StockwarePro, please contact customer service for assistance.

Open program menu by clicking Start > All Programs. Select StockwarePro and then "Uninstall StockwarePro" menu item.
A confirmation window will popup. Click "Yes" to remove StockwarePro and all its components from your PC.
Alternately you could open C:\StockwarePro folder and click on unins000.exe file to uninstall StockwarePro.

You can also uninstall by opening Windows control panel and then selecting Programs menu. Select StockwarePro from the list of installed programs and click uninstall.

If you had downloaded some data or created some folder that was not part of StockwarePro installation, that may remain after uninstallation. You can remove that by deleting files in StockwarePro folder from the C drive.